Learn 10 ways to brow map and the concept of brow symmetry.

With the 10 Ways to Brow Map Video Series you will learn how to:

Brow map with a stencil

Brow map with a ruler

Groom brows for brow mapping

Understand the golden ratio and brow symmetry

Use a golden ratio tool - plastic and metal

Free hand brow map

Using thread to brow map

Photography check for brow symmetry

Use camera grid to check for symmetry

Outline and highlight for microblading

Join the Eyebrows 101 Course to learn everything you need to do brow services for clients. Here's what you get:

10 Ways to Brow Map Video Series

Learn anatomy of the eyebrow

How to groom brows for clients

Tips for correcting uneven brows

How to get clients and pricing

What products to sell

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